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Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions outlines the protocol practiced at Ignite Review and represents a complete procedure of accessing the website. By proceeding to use this site, it is believed that the user has agreed to comply with the rules and regulations, thereby acquiring liability of legally binding contract. The website is our property and all the guidelines along with the operating policies have been discussed in detail to enlighten the users with the precise specifics. It is recommended to read thoroughly about the requirements prior to requesting registration, as the act of preceding to attain services from Ignite Review is taken as an understanding that the user is completely aware of the regulations and has accepted to abide by them strictly. Following are enlisted detailed terms and conditions for the clients to have explicit understanding of the rules:


In order to become a full time member, it is essential that the user undergoes the registration process to gain full access of the site or he/she shall be subjected to the limited right that allows only restricted permission of the site. The client can obtain the designation of users to enjoy the complete services available on the website by creating a profile, while registering as a permanent user. Only one person is permitted to use one profile as the information is private and is recommended to not be shared with anyone. Your password and email ID is required while logging on our website, which is not transferable to any other user. If in case, the password is compromised, it is the fundamental responsibility of the user to inform us so that immediate measures could be taken to preserve the information of the client by ensuring that it remains inaccessible by third parties. The designated username will appear on the website, anytime the user comments on reviews. In response to any violation or misdeed, Ignite Review holds the right to delete or suspend your account, which will discontinue your access to our services.


Services, intellectual property, technological assistance, characteristics, graphics, content, references, software, icons, photos and other features present on the webpage is entitled to Ignite Review and it shall remain our sole property, thereby making us liable to take any action in accordance with the laws that governs our body. Any unauthorised or illegal activity such as copying or distributing the contents of our website may result in severe repercussions and shall be dealt very seriously. In the aforesaid case, we shall observe our right to make use of the law and ensure that the individual is convicted or penalised for any criminal conduct. However, the user may use the digital copy of the content for personal non-commercial use only or if we have granted any written permission for any other purpose. Each discussed right shall be observed.


We collect personal information of the user when he/she agrees to register with us in order to use the website. It is essential as we ensure that the provided personal details are authenticated by processing the given information and cross-check if the user has confirmed his/her real identity before accessing the assistance from our web page. We assume that by accepting the terms and conditions, the user have thoroughly understood our privacy policy and submit to comply with it.


The membership of any user can be terminated at any time for any reason, thereby dismissing the right of the individual from acquiring our services and we shall not be held liable at any circumstance. Such an act could be as a result of variable purpose and all the rights provided will be ceased, indicating the user the end of his membership with Ignite Review. Even if the user deletes his/her profile that shall also be considered as the cancellation of the association.


Every service in the form of content and assistance provided by the Ignite Review is liable to no representations or warrantees as we explicitly repudiate any implied or statutory of non-infringement. We possess every right to alter, modify or change any term or clause from terms of conditions without prior notice and refuse to be subjected to any liability later on in any case. The comments, suggestions, recommendation, reviews present on the webpage is given by our registered users and in no way we shall endorse such statements. We shall not be liable for any interference from the third parties and disclaim the responsibility of any kind of content shared or written by the registered users that is available on the website. No action can be taken in any respect against any member of the team at Ignite Review as it is solely the user’s responsibility.


It is expected from the registered users to ensure that they do not allow access to any third parties to publish any content on the website and shall be responsible for refraining them from using the site for promotional or marketing purpose. In addition, they should monitor for any deceptive, misleading information that may depict racialism or obscenities and should take strict action against such violations. Furthermore, if the third party users intend to reveal any private information or plans to harm the domain, it is their utmost duty to restrict their access to the website.


It is guaranteed that we shall expose your information to third parties if only this act is necessary and the disclosure will only be made if the parties are trusted. This action is mainly taken against suspicion or illegal activity in terms of violation of the rules and regulations practiced within Ignite Review. We block or limit access to content if it is found to be illegitimately copied from any source such as advertisers, affiliated parties or the content providers and wrongly published at our website. We own the right to share the private information of the clients with the law agencies if requested or asked and it is to ascertain that we establish our good terms and compliance with the law making bodies.