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Anyone can teach and learn with Minecraft: Education Edition!
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Belief & Purpose

Guiding beliefs, principles, and performance benchmarks of the California Department of Education.

California will provide a world-class education for all students, from early childhood to adulthood. The Department of Education serves our state by innovating and collaborating with educators, schools, parents, and community partners. Together, as a team, we prepare students to live, work, and thrive in a multicultural, multilingual, and highly connected world.

Questions:   Executive Office | 916-319-0800
Last Reviewed: Thursday, September 8, 2022
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About Us

Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is an educational entity established in November, 1998, by the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is supervised by a Board of Governors, headed by the Chief Minister, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

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We share knowledge with the world

Changing learning for the better

Whether you want to learn or to share what you know, you’ve come to the right place. As a global destination for online learning, we connect people through knowledge.

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Ministry of Professional and Technical Training was established in July 2011 in the wake of 18th Amendment. Some of the Departments/Organizations previously under MOLM and MOE were placed under this Ministry. Supreme Court of Pakistan in its Judgment dated 25th November, 2011 directed that in view of insertion of Article 25-A in the Constitution, the Federal Government cannot absolve itself from the responsibility of providing Education to its citizens.

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European Education Area explained

The European Education Area initiative helps European Union Member States work together to build more resilient and inclusive education and training systems.

Why are we building the European Education Area?

Education is the foundation for personal fulfilment, employability and active, responsible citizenship. It is essential to the vitality of European societies and economies. Access to quality and inclusive education, training and lifelong learning is a right for all citizens, as enshrined within the European Pillar of Social Rights.

The COVID-19 pandemic has further highlighted that it is essential to prevent structural barriers to learning and skills development from impacting citizens’ employment prospects and participation in society.

The European Education Area will work in synergy with the European Skills Agenda and the European Research Area to harness knowledge, making it the foundation of Europe’s recovery and prosperity.

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About us

Cambridge Assessment International Education prepares school students for life, helping them develop an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning. We are part of the University of Cambridge.

Our international qualifications are recognised by the world’s best universities and employers, giving students a wide range of options in their education and career. As a not-for-profit organisation, we devote our resources to delivering high-quality educational programmes that can unlock learners’ potential.

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To contribute towards the progressive attainment of national aims and objectives of education at the Secondary and Higher Secondary levels within the country and abroad through a fair, transparent and efficient examination system, with a futuristic vision, under overall control of the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training and in close collaboration with other Boards of Education.

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