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South India’s Largest
IT and Home Appliance
Retail Chain

OXYGEN, the digital shop is South India’s most reputed and highly rated retail chain for digital products.It has long standing associations with the leading brands of the digital world. Almost a decade ago, when the digital revolution swept across Kerala, Oxygen Digital Shop rode the crest of this revolutionary wave by bringing customers the latest technology products and fully meeting customer expectations and aspirations. Today, Oxygen enjoys the firm loyalty of over 20,00,000 customers.The genesis Oxygen’s triumphant journey began way back in 1999, when it opened shop as Ozone Systems in the hilltown of Kanjirappilly. Since then, there has been no looking back. From the retail and distribution of IT peripherals, the organization grew exponentially with the driving strength of a visionary leadership.OXYGEN the digital shop took birth. Customers were introduced to a stunning range of smartphones, laptops and LED TVs in a world class shopping ambience. The product portfolio expanded to home appliances and Oxygen became perceived as a ‘One Stop Digital Shop’. The shops were manned by highly experienced sales personnel who knew the art of fulfilling customer expectations.Expansion mode Of late, Oxygen has been on an expansion spree. Even when the pandemic struck, Oxygen sensed that it was registering brisk sales and opened new showrooms in new territories. Moreover, it also beefed up its online sales through its e-commerce website coupled with a virtual store, from where customers could see, enquire about and shop their favourite products without leaving the safety of their homes.Customer is King Oxygen has always placed ‘Customer First’ and introduced customer-friendly schemes and initiatives to make digital products more accessible to all. At the same time, it has brought about a distinctive difference for itself by embracing quality and innovation. The brand continues on its ceaseless pursuit of excellence, with the latest technologies pulsating at its heart!


South India’s Largest IT Retail Chain | Desktops, Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets, Digital Camera, Smart TV, Air Conditioner, Home Theatre Systems, Home Appliance, Kitchen Appliance and More

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About Us

Ubuy has made its mark in the e-commerce world in 2012, as a cross-border shopping platform serving more than 180 countries.

Through its website and app, Ubuy provides over 100 million brand-new, unique products from the best international brands in the US, the UK, and other countries.

Ubuy enables seamless and confined payment methods as well as faster checkouts while amplifying the shopper’s experience. As an International Shopping doorway, we bring quality products from luxury brands to customers’ doorsteps from around the world with the assistance of the most trusted courier partners in the industry.

Our Growth

It’s been an amazing journey that we are still planning to go on with. Most asked how we’ve grown so quickly; It is quite a simple question to answer. We have always put our customers as our first priority. Focus on ensuring that customers get the finest and perhaps most affordable products on the market. We take care of it by utilising our comprehensive logistics networks. Another important factor behind our success is our after-sale support team that takes care of customers’ needs and demands are met. Internally, we call this our supercalifragilisticexpialidocious philosophy.

As a new uprising global shopping platform Ubuy is always looking forward to gaining a new perspective while keeping its core values intact.

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About Us

Our History

In 1955 the founder Easa Husain Al-Yousifi, in his twenties, opened a small shop in Souk Al- Tujjar, the old merchants market, where he sold mainly coconut oil and bicycle spares. One day a representative from Matsushita of Japan, who had been trying to sell a small variety of products, mainly batteries, entered his shop. In those days the quality of Japanese goods was not known in Kuwait and the representative had been unsuccessful with other merchants. Impressed with Easa’s honesty and go-ahead attitude, he placed his stock in the small shop and left the country. When the products sold well, Easa realized that a demand existed and there for he sent an order for more products. Gradually he expanded the range of Matsushita products he sold.

Both companies grew together. Matsushita was then a small manufacturer, and Easa’s shop was just a tiny outlet in the Souk. Today Matsushita is the maker of the best known brand of electronic goods in the world – Panasonic – while Easa Husain Al-Yousifi & Sons Company is one of the largest distributors of electronic appliances in Kuwait.

The secret of Easa Husain Al-Yousifi’s success was his ability to understand what his customers wanted and then to fulfill their expectation. He opened a workshop in 1960 to service the wide variety of electronic goods he was selling, a first in Kuwait.

Easa Husain Al-Yousifi opened more stores and then, as his knowledge of his customers deepened, he diversified into related markets. He began supplying air-conditioners in 1973 and in 1975 he setup a separate division, with its own chain of shops, to sell watches and clocks.

These successful ventures consolidated his position in the local. A separated business to install and maintain air-conditioners and undertake electrical contracting was established in 1982. A few years later the company diversified into plumbing and fire protection. All these activities were eventually consolidated under the Engineering Services Group which is today a multimillion dinar mechanical and electrical contracting business. During the same year the company began offering advanced business and communications equipment and providing office automation and IT services. A host of quality products and professional services became today’s Business Solution & Services Division.

In the 1990’s the company recovered rapidly from the damage caused by the Iraqi invasion and began diversifying even further. In 1994 the company went into the travel agency business and expanded the range of products sold by its electronics division to include health, beauty care and general household products.

Since its first workshop was opened in 1960s, the company had established more workshops strategically placed throughout Kuwait. During the 1990’s these were rationalized and expanded, several centers moving to bigger sites to cater for an ever-increasing roster of quality products.

The company’s concentration on improving the quality of life for its customers has been rewarded in more than financial terms. Before it achieved ISO-9002 certification in 1999 and ISO-9001 certification in 2000, the company was ranked #1 in service excellence among all National Panasonic-Technics agents in the Middle East for two consecutive years, 1997 and 1998. It achieved the same ranking in 2002. In 1998 it was also ranked #1 in after-sales service among all its competitors in Kuwait. For the management and staff of Easa Husain Al-Yousifi & Sons Company, these awards were expressions of confidence that went beyond mere sales figures


Our Mission

Our mission, here at Easa Husain Al-Yousifi & Sons, is to improve the quality of life of our customers. We do so directly by providing them with a vast range of excellent yet affordable consumer and commercial products and services. We do so indirectly by participating in community service projects.


Corporate Values

At Easa Husain Al-Yousifi & Sons, our business practices adhere to the strictest ethical standards. While we are constantly looking for new ways to do business, we choose the products and services we offer for the benefits they can provide to our customers. Though our customers are our prime focus, we value our employees as our greatest asset. We ensure, through careful training and nurturing, that their lives are enriched as we are sure that this will be passed on to our customers as high quality service. Our corporate values are expressed in our motto:

“Serving people to improve quality of life.”

A corporate identity based on our strong value system enables us to consolidate our position of market leadership in Kuwait and strengthen our relationship with our principals.

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Our History

BEST DENKI operates one of the largest networks of chain stores in Japan. We are constantly developing new retail concepts including multimedia oriented era outlets, information based exchanges and housing related speciality shops.

At the same time, we are continually upgrading our existing stores to meet the diversifying needs of our customers. In addition, we have also ventured overseas, with branches in South East Asia and have plans to converge onto major new markets. Each outlet in this vast network of branches provides the high-quality service best fitted for that region.

BEST DENKI is Japan’s largest electrical and electronics retailer that was first established in Fukuoka by Mr. Mitsuo Kitada in September 1953 as a warehousing business offering electrical appliances from around the world at value for money. He developed this business with the hopes of providing life coordination needs and providing a comfortable lifestyle to all households in Japan. Working by the motto, ‘Customer is King’ and with the strong understanding of its consumers’ lifestyle, our reputation strengthened over the years and in 1984, we were listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

1985 marked a breakthrough as we reached 100 billion yen in sales and extended our influence in Singapore. This significant step overseas raised the standards of service within the industry and paved the way for what would become Singapore’s most extensive chain of electronic retail stores. With our venture into Singapore in 1985, we became the first electrical and electronics store to carry a huge range of household appliances and audio-visual products. We were also the first store to encourage customer-oriented services by allowing customers a hands-on experience of the displayed merchandise.

Our success in the retail industry continued to escalate steadily and in 2004, Singapore was appointed the headquarters for BEST DENKI’s overseas operations, with it being the most developed and successful overseas market. Spearheading the expansion into other global markets, this division is now tasked with running all of our overseas operations in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, thus harvesting a remarkable crop of 44 outlets.

To date, BEST DENKI has more than 354 retail stores worldwide with 308 stores in Japan, 13 stores in Singapore, 8 stores in Malaysia and another 25 stores in Indonesia. (Updated as at Jun 2019)

We are still running our operations with the same principles and integrity that triggered our success while providing comfort and fulfillment to our customers’ lifestyle.

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The objective is to maintain dominant position and further capture market share from the large unorganized refurbished segment of the IT Industry

Procure quality used-PCs from corporates and make them as good as new by refurbishing in order to re-sell the same with a unique warranty policy to SMBs (Small & Medium Businesses) as well as retail end users at substantially discounted prices compared to brand new PCs providing amazing value proposition to the consumers

Also build nationwide omni-channel presence in retail distribution, online & exclusive brick-and-mortar stores


Aim to be the most trusted brand to provide the device buyback program.

EB provides clean, safe and secure removal of redundant IT assets. We help organizations reclaim the value, back from retired equipment and safely dispose off any regulated electronics waste.


Set up the best in class device refurbishment facility with international standard grading.

State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in India & Dubai spread across 30K+ sq. ft area, equipped to provide manufacturing of critical components, assembly, testing and refurbishing services.


Be the largest electronics player to drive the distribution of refurbished products.

EB holds Certifications necessary for Refurbishers

Extended Producer’s Responsibility (EPR)

  • Issued by Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB)
  • Proper channelization of e-waste to ensure environmentally sound management of such waste

Consent to Operate (CTO)

  • Issued by Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB)
  • The consent is valid for the activity of Collection, Segregation, Refurbishment & Dismantling E-waste
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Sbestore is offering a broad range of latest fans, lights, switches & sockets, circuit breakers, cables, lamps and other electrical genuine products and small home appliances, whether you need for your residential, commercial or industrial. We are serving our valuable customers from more than six years. Our company believes in enhancing the lifestyle of the people by providing the 100% original and best electrical products of prominent brands.
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Expect more than a typical big box retailer when you join the Micro Center team. Passion. Energy. Commitment. These are a few words that describe life at Micro Center. Whether it’s in our stores, our distribution center or our corporate home office, we share a common goal to be the best computer & electronics retailer in the world. Our commitment remains the same as it was in our humble beginnings in 1979 in our first Columbus, Ohio location. We’re dedicated to providing our customers exceptional service, a vast product assortment and competitive prices. This is why our 40 year long journey has proven to be successful both now and in the future.

Behind every happy customer there is a Micro Center associate taking on the challenge to provide exceptional service to guarantee a great shopping experience and a return customer. Join our team of passionate & knowledgeable associates and begin Your Path at Micro Center. Jump in, apply today and see where Micro Center can lead you.

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