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What is the purpose of Ignite Review?

Ignite Review has been designed solely to extend qualitative services to the customers by making them aware of the popular online business without any significant effort. The other major objective is to secure the client from any unsafe or illegitimate interactions with the unrecognized forums or platforms offering fake services.

Why did Ignite Review felt the need of its existence?

We have witnessed many scenarios where the clients have been misguided and have dealt with fraudulent due to lack of trustworthy assistance from any reliable source. Therefore, we aim to provide the information to the consumers to enable them to acquire knowledge about the services offered by the online businesses, so that they can take right decisions.

How does Ignite Review plan to assist the reviewers?

Ignite Review aims to be of significant help to the clients by assisting them in finding the required online businesses without striving, that will fulfil their purpose of buying or selling the services. It also benefits the clients by rescuing them from any frauds or scams by providing the detailed analysis of the website before availing any services. We are on a mission to ensure a safe investment of the client so that he/she can confidently search for the desired services. Ignite Review also entertains the client by informing useful tips and techniques frequently.

What traits set Ignite Review apart from the other online forums?

Ignite Review provides fair reviews that entails honest opinions and information to guide the prospective buyers. It does not in any case entertain biased reviews and discourages manipulation of the given information that may misguide the reader. We deliver such services without charging any money from the online business as we do not need funds to maintain our already recognized reputation. The idea is to aware the clients of the good and bad reviews of a particular business without accepting any perks from such organizations to portray their fake reputation when it does not strive to facilitate the buyers rather improvises the feedback by utilizing financial assistance.

Who can write the review about business and how?

Any client can write a review on any product or services that is worthy of sharing with the online members and contains potential information with the intention of guiding the readers, assisting them as to buy or ignore a particular service and on what specific account or experience. In this manner, the reader can weigh the pros over cons to take any decision prior of spending money or switch to another business’s product.

Can I find reviews already written?

Yes, you can find the already written reviews by simply connecting through your Facebook ID and share it with your friends and family so that they are informed as well.

Are there any Reviewer Levels?

We have Reviewer levels at Ignite Review and their ranking is entirely based upon the number of times the review has been posted in the forum by the community members, which is evaluated through analyzing that if the assistance intended by the reviewer is highly significant and will be beneficial to the readers or not.

Does Ignite Review remove any review from the website?

No. We strictly discourage the idea of the removal of reviews that have been uploaded despite of the ample amount of money offered by the different businessman to remove such articles from the web that will result in their loss notably. We strive to provide honest reviews with the intention of guiding the readers to not fall for fraud or fake stakeholders.

Is review fraud taken into consideration at Ignite Review?

We have made clear in our policy that we strictly monitor the reviews and verify them to determine their authenticity and credibility. Upon submitting a fake or manipulated review, you can be subjected to legal proceedings against practicing unethical conduct in an attempt to mislead the readers by designating attention to the services that are simply not worthy of being highlighted. If we find any company associated with such fraudulent act of providing fake reviews, we reserve the right to publicly flag them for their inappropriate and biased behaviour. We dislike being offered any incentive to create unoriginal reviews and violation of the rules will lead to disqualification of the membership thereby losing the access to the reputable forum.

Can the unfavourable reviews be removed from the web or are they ever removed?

No the reviews cannot be removed. However, we appreciate your response to the posted review if you like to clear your business stance and shun the misconceptions. The members can remove their reviews from the accounts if they wish and our team reserves the right to remove any review that has been found violating the rules and regulations stated in the Ignite Review’s website.

Do the reviews not appear upon logging out?

Ignite Review has deployed filters to evaluate the authenticity of the reviews as we have discovered that many of the reviews have been written for the sake of seeking promotion or the rest targets and discusses the negative aspects that does not truly exist. Therefore, to enhance the credibility of the review, we keep analyzing the content to ensure that it does not entail irrelevant information or inappropriate language. The algorithm used to evaluate the significance of the posted reviews is new and is learning to identify the trustworthy reviewers who post unbiased reviews.

Ignite Review allows taking legal action against any reviewer?

It is highly recommended to progress with extreme care when taking any legal standing, as such case is very expensive and difficult to handle with. We try to give least importance to such reviews because the primary aim is to neglect them rather than providing them the extraordinary hype and attention that seem to seek by the readers.

How can I contribute in Ignite Review?

Every individual can help Ignite Review by sending honest reviews related to any product or service that they have used. The aim is to facilitate the prospective buyers and vendors by helping them to make selections.