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With this arrangement the arm impact pressure of flowing water on the surface of the blades is relatively large while increasing the time of exposure of the liquid to the surface of the blades.


The product will be inscribed in a range of products for beekeepers, and we hope that the market will succeed. The planned path of commercialization of the invention is a form of granting a license to the national producer. The formulation is unique product on the market, with proven effectiveness in enhancing immunity in the control of bees and nosemozy. License, as well as any subsequent modification or cooperation in improving the product will be beneficial both from a business and scientific point of view. The research team will have a unique opportunity to establish effective cooperation between research and development and the ability to break the negative stereotypes on the science-business. Consortium consisting of MSc.

Stanislaw Szewczykdr hab. Eng. George Coll. Piotrowski, Professor. PŚkIstota invention: Water turbine wielowirnikowa has been developed in order to use the energy contained in the small water courses. Existing water turbines operate on the principle of potential energy and kinetic energy. Is therefore cost-effective construction of water power plants in streams that have a high liquid falls, a large amount of flowing liquid and its speed.

A large number of hydroelectric power plants operating in the last century on small streams in the system worked intermittently. With the help of valve upstream of the turbine accumulated a large amount of water, which turbine blades rotate to a certain point. The amount of water in the river to decide on the frequenc

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