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Policy Statement

Policy Statement

Ignite Review aims to enlighten the customers with extending extraordinary review services for a diversified range of products to entertain masses from just one worthy platform. In this era, businesses are being initiated every minute around the globe that definitely requires forming a connection with the desired audience to facilitate them with the exceptional products and services. To ensure a secure correspondence and quality dealing, our company is determined to provide a safe platform where the buyers and sellers can safely communicate with each other to obtain mutual benefits. Therefore, Privacy policy is designed at Ignite Review to ascertain maintaining the authenticity of the correspondence; and the company holds every right to alter or modify the clauses stated in the policy with or without posting any prior notice. The policy encompasses of the following details:

Personal Data for Authentication

To begin association, it is compulsory to provide the personal information that is examined and evaluated prior to allowing the onset of the correspondence on our prestigious platform. We believe that it is our utmost priority to extend verified services to the regular users so that they can acquire the explicit details that they are in search of, to make the best decision of buying any product. It is recommended to abide by the terms and conditions to stay in connection with Ignite Review, which is the fundamental obligation as per the privacy policy that everyone is entitled to oblige and practice.
The registration process demands the user’s basic details to entertain them with distinct review services that comprise of:

Personal Information

It is the requirement of Ignite Review to provide the following data to register online:

  • Name
  • Username
  • Password
Contact Details

To ensure establishing correspondence with the user, we acquire information such as:

  • Email ID
  • Address
  • Cell Number
Billing Information

The provision of services is charged through different payment methods that include:

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal

This data is collected to authenticate the user before registering him/her to utilize our online review forum. The updates and other information that can be of significant use to the users is sent to them via the contact details that they have provided in the registration forms. We charge minimal for our exceptional services which can be paid through varied mode of payments. Ignite Review understands the importance of assuring privacy and hence have formulated a privacy policy to ascertain maintaining the secure connection.
Ignite Review stores the information of the user to provide services that include preparing merchant sites or connecting them to the existing merchant sites, which have been verified and examined earlier to eliminate any risky interaction. To ensure beneficial correspondence, we have verified the business sites repeatedly by checking the validity of the business representatives to extend quality help and ease to the user.
We ascertain collecting information of the regular visitors that includes the frequency of visits, their preferred transaction modes and the request of obtaining a particular service more frequently, to determine the trust of the clients and to ensure that there are no technical glitches that certainly demonstrate the valuable contribution of our acknowledged forum.

Unleashing Cookies to Improvise Experience

Ignite Review strives to deliver the best experience to the users by providing them positive environment through which they can obtain the distinct services, which sets us apart from the other business sites remarkably. We ensure such qualitative performance by sending cookies to your computer’s hard drive from the web servers that determine the clients surfing behaviour and aids in keeping track of the information the user is looking for. This ensures providing unique and easy access to files that are required with considerable ease.
We utilize the services of third-party advertisement companies that can send session ID cookies to your computer to provide customized services, which are designed to cater you with the information of goods and services that are of your interest particularly. The aim is to extend the accurate details of whichever site you require to know about, by understanding your style of searching for the relevant data. If you wish to find more information about the cookies that are sent by our company to enhance user experience or if you do not want to avail this additional facility, let us know as we prioritize customer satisfaction above all.

Information Sharing Occasionally

Ignite Review shares the private and business details of the individuals under the following circumstances only:

  • If the other businesses are affiliated with Ignite Review and use its website to offer you the services, that are of your interest or need or if they plan to sell their services under joint venture with our company. You will be able to distinguish any such transaction; and we provide your data only with the intention of benefitting you with such opportunity.
  • In scenarios where we employ agents to extend and popularize our thrilling services to the potential buyers. The details shared with such individuals are selective and contains the important data only.
  • The other possible cause of sharing the client’s information is when the Ignite Review decides to sell, buy or transfer assets. We can even disclose the information if the company is requested to display the details under the enforcement of any law.
  • With your consent, we would appreciate to share your information, but only in cases where the aforementioned conditions are not applicable. We can also release the personal information to comply with the law or to fulfil the need of acquiring such business.

Interaction with the Third-Parties

Ignite Review believes in providing the client with complete information from just one platform due to which it ensures collaborating and corresponding with the other potential service providers available on the Internet. The aim is to allow easy access to versatile information without struggling to acquire it from multiple resources. By clicking on the links they provide, the user is subjected to abide by privacy and security policies that are practiced by those companies as well. Ignite Review takes no responsibility or guarantees of any act that is associated with the third-party and shall not be held answerable to any claims for any reason. We strictly recommend you to go through the privacy policy of Ignite Review and the third-party companies to avoid any conflicts and misunderstandings.

Guaranteed Security & Assured Authenticity

The representatives at Ignite Review promises to keep your information sealed and safe from any leaks to have safe interaction. We have taken the burden of implementing secure databases to ensure maintaining the privacy of every individual who has undergone our comprehensive registration process. It is our prime duty to provide you an authorized assistance and quality correspondence, but we shall not be responsible for the protection of your login data, if you are using insecure servers to communicate with us. We do our best to keep the user account information safe, however, breach of privacy due to any external factors such as software failure or use of unauthorized accounts shall not be the company’s responsibility under any circumstances.

Revision/End of Registration

If the user wishes to alter or edit the account information, we allow them to change their user record that entails the specific details, which has been taken at the time of registration. The information can also be updated if the client wishes to add any details by logging into the website. If the client no longer wishes to acquire our services, he/she can cancel the account but we reserve the right to store your information or the copies of archives in our database for some time.

Policy Practiced for Children

Ignite Review does not entertain any user under the age of 13 years and strictly discourages conducting any correspondence with them regarding making any offers of extending any services.

Time to Time Correspondence with Clients

Ignite Review keeps connected to its members continuously to keep them updated and informed. We tend to communicate through exchanging emails or contacting the client on call to assist them with the services and the marketing goals that are offered by the third-party or to bring in their knowledge about the status of the user account. If you desire to stop availing the facility of being informed via email or phone call, feel free to inform us by visiting our website. We recommend to go through the terms and conditions of the company to have an explicit understanding of the practices opted at Ignite Review. We strictly adhere to the Privacy Policy designed to be exercised at Ignite Review.