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Mama Baby Care Cambridge School for boys & girls was founded on 25th, May 1990 by Ma’am Shabih and Sir Hasnain and under the supervision Mama Educational Society. The School was setup to promote and accelerate the higher education of the students of Karachi. It was started as the Day Care School, the founder of the school was appointed its first principal Ms. Shabih who is still continuing her best services for the betterment of institution Ms. Shabih seeking to provide better facilities for the students. She also keeping with the tradition of providing holistic education which laid on ensuring a value added academics curriculum taught and students are provided to participate in a variety of co-curricular activities that serve their development of ethical person, Independent thinkers and responsible and active citizens. Throughout its history the students of Mama Baby Care School have demonstrated outstanding performance obtaining position in the Matric Board and Cambridge Board of Karachi in all the programs of study offered by the school. Their outstanding performance has also been reflected in various co-curricular i.e. Arts, Painting. On the sports field the school has been a regular recipient of the general championship of school level tournaments winning the cricket, football throw ball and athletic competition.

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