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At Toppr, students are at the centre of our universe. We believe that every student is different and has different learning needs. We work relentlessly to solve student problems using advanced technology and help them learn better. We have thoughtfully designed Toppr to ensure that it is a one-stop after-school learning platform. It has more than 1.5 million learning pieces, including adaptive practice questions, solutions, concepts, and videos that come together seamlessly to give 360° learning. We use artificial intelligence based machine learning algorithms on top of this strong infrastructure, to create personalised learning paths for millions of students.

Read more is the world’s leading digital dictionary. We provide millions of English definitions, spellings, audio pronunciations, example sentences, and word origins.’s main, proprietary source is the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, which is continually updated by our team of experienced lexicographers and supplemented with trusted, established sources including American Heritage and Harper Collins to support a range of language needs. also offers a translation service, a Word of the Day, a crossword solver, and a wealth of editorial content that benefit the advanced word lover and the English language student alike.

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Welcome to 1,200+ free posts about how to break in, move up, and earn a full-time living from freelance writing! You’re a genius — you’ve found the premiere online resource for writers who’re serious about achieving their freelance writing goals and getting paid for their hard work.

Since 2008, Make a Living Writing has helped writers:

  • Avoid scams & ripoffs
  • Find first clients
  • Locate paying markets
  • Get better writing jobs
  • Use social media to get noticed
  • Earn through blogging and content writing
  • Convince flaky clients to pay up
  • Increase your writing productivity
  • Discover the tools for success
  • Learn self-publishing income secrets
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Since we founded this friendly, creative community in September 2000, it has grown to be the largest and leading online writing website today. Each day hundreds of new members join in the fun, and thousands of our current members welcome them with open arms. A large community like Writing.Com offers much more overall diversity in writing topics and styles, member opinions, peer-to-peer reviews, and social interaction than a smaller writing group with only a handful of members. The diversity and inspiration found within our community is astounding, and members continue to surprise us with their creativity every day
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Coursera partners with more than 200 leading universities and companies to bring flexible, affordable, job-relevant online learning to individuals and organizations worldwide. We offer a  range of learning opportunities—from hands-on projects and courses to job-ready certificates and degree programs.

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We designed ProWritingAid for professional authors who wanted to improve their manuscript before sending it to their editors.

Nowadays ProWritingAid’s users come in many flavors, from best-selling authors to indie writers, from professional copy-editors to rookie bloggers, and from business experts to struggling students. There is a ProWritingAid report for every writer.

We’ve even been told that Stephen King uses ProWritingAid, but we haven’t been able to confirm this.
(If you happen to meet him at a party, please ask.) We do know that he, like us, is not a fan of adverbs!

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Nature Portfolio is here to serve the research community by publishing its most significant discoveries—findings that advance knowledge and address some of the greatest challenges that we face as a society today. Our journals publish not only primary research but also reviews, critical comment, news and analysis.

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Scribbr’s highly rated editing and proofreading services help you submit your work with confidence knowing it’s free of language errors and flows well from beginning to end.

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