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Art Republic’s goal is to connect new and established artists, who have great stories to tell, with people interested in art that says something about who they are.

We strive to support a community of like-minded story lovers that helps creators to thrive and fills everyday lives with extraordinary art. We give artists a platform to showcase their talent, share their stories and display their creations. We help them to produce, showcase and distribute their artworks, while also exploring opportunities to develop their creativity and careers.

We make it easy for art lovers, memory makers and interior enthusiasts to explore our carefully curated collection of limited edition prints, so they can discover art that looks good in their home and becomes part of the stories told within those walls. 




Art Republic has been battling bland interiors since 1999 when we first started selling limited edition prints from a small shop in Sussex.

Today, art lovers from all corners of the globe can explore our extensive collection of affordable and original art online, making it easy for them to discover unique artworks that are personal to them. We support a thriving community of emerging and established artists by helping them to showcase their art, tell their stories and develop their careers. 

We work directly with our ever-growing community of artists as well as a small number of carefully vetted galleries, dealers and curators to make art more accessible to a wider audience. Increasingly, we are collaborating with artists to produce new and exclusive editions for the Art Republic community. We also help art lovers to commission works directly from hand-picked artsis

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