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Welcome to AutoPlay – The name says it all. So if you are looking for any IT Products or Services like laptops, computers, and accessories you are in the right place.
Every long journey starts with a first step. So we started on a small scale but with our IT academic background and intrinsic familiarity with computers and peripherals, we moved ahead rather fast. Our dealings are always straight, clean and clear. We honor our commitments. We don’t believe in high profits. We aim at high reliability, respect, and trust of our clients.

AutoPlay, a pioneer in offshore development and consultancy services, has been creating various software & web solutions, as per the industry & business requirements, since its inception. Our organization, offering efficient solutions, is always keen on learning & implementing new technologies in the most innovative manner, for better performance and savings.

Located in the heart of Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, Our core strengths of working as per the client’s requirements, reasonable & affordable pricing, and high quality of services offered, enables us to build a long-term relationship with all our customers. The multifarious approach towards each project completed in the past has helped us improve our productivity & image.

AutoPlay is enduring amidst the mushrooming of new companies. We believe in reinforcing the concepts, following a systematic approach, which has been of immense help in visualizing and realizing our dreams. All this is achieved, keeping in mind the wide range of application scenarios.

Since its inception, any and every project at AutoPlay has been keenly studied, researched, planned, and executed systematically for the desired results. While carrying out the execution utmost care is taken to understand the client’s needs, flexibility is exercised for modifications, and the changes in specifications are discussed during the umpteen meetings so that there are no discrepancies between the results achieved and the desired results.

What makes us truly unique is the fact that we keep a close & keen eye on the latest market trends, and are quick to incorporate any novelties discovered henceforth. This gives us an edge over our competitors. There is a lot of turbulence in the IT market and as a result, rapid changes are happening. To counter these changes, AutoPlay focuses on research & makes it a point that the entire team is acquainted with these latest technologies. This has proved to be our forte and has helped us prove ourselves as a complete solutions provider. The crux of the matter is that we are a progressive organization and this reflects in our motto, “Innovation through Intelligence.

Our Philosophy:
We stay committed to our motto, “Innovation through Intelligence”, to provide uniquely qualitative IT solutions.

Our Vision: 
AutoPlay envisions building an institution, which, constantly and consistently, keeps providing innovative solutions. Our long-term vision incorporates the following:
• Innovation through Intelligence in Information Technology.
• Keep improving as an organization to take IT to another level altogether.
• Providing quality IT solutions to various organizations around the globe.

Our Core Competencies: 
What’s make AutoPlay the first choice? Why we are so successful? Why is our clientele increasing day by day? Of course, we have a few reasons behind all that:
• Ever-learning approach
• Innovation through Intelligence
• Sheer Customer-delight
• Hard-working intelligence

We offer a whole new world of laptops buying convenience Intel Brand new, refurbished, or used. And of course the entire major brands – ACER, APPLE, COMPAQ, DELL, HP, IBM, SONY VAIO, SIEMENS, and  TOSHIBA. 

Once you give us your budget, we can give you an offer that will be highly competitive. Or you can tell your preference of brand and configuration. We can give you the details and the right price.
We have a database of available laptops, pocket PCs, and Accessories from reputed suppliers around the world. Of course, we also deal in associated components like; Laptop Rams, Hard drives, CD/DVD/CDRW/DVDRW ROMs, Drives, Floppy Drives, Adapters, Batteries, Carrying Case and so on.
We are here since September 2012. Today, we are the preferred choice of many executives and home users. We enjoy a reputation of trust in terms of price and keeping our promise. We deliver what was agreed upon.


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