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It all started when I was a little boy . . .

Nah, I am kidding! I would not do that to you.

As much as I have had some success (among all my hustling), I have not had the most outstanding life to begin with either. I mean sure I have been incredibly privileged and am so grateful for the devoted love of my family and friends. Largely though, it’s because I have been graced with that love in my life that I don’t have the usual rags to riches story for you, (#sorrynotsorry). I tell you this because, simply put, my parents successfully hustled to provide the best they could for my siblings and myself, so they are a testament to my life now.

And it’s because I watched my parents strive, that I was able to learn to strive too.

They taught me an important lesson indirectly through their actions and that is, that if you want it bad enough you can get it! They did not sit me down and say “Jaryd, what do you want to be when you grow up?” with all that type of pressure that parents are putting on their kids these days so they can live vicariously through them. But I guess they didn’t do this because they probably knew they would receive a cheeky reply of “I don’t want to grow up”.

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