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Cambridge in Colour is an online learning environment where photographers can come to improve their skills. After its founding in 2005, it has grown substantially both in content and in the number of visitors it attracts. On any given day, over 20,000 different people are learning about photography and contributing in the forums community. Thank you to all those who have helped spread the word — this is an exciting time to be involved in digital photography.


Photography has become incredibly popular on the internet, and for good reason: it’s a fast-growing and accessible hobby whose results can be enjoyed by anyone. Most sites focus on blog-style content that gets broadcast frequently, which is an important role that is well-suited for the internet. However, this website believes that there is also a strong need for more permanent, reference-style content that readers can continue to benefit from time and again. Toward this end, our tutorials typically focus more on concept than procedure, are highly visual and often interactive, and cover each topic thoroughly but concisely. We also try to keep them as independent of the type of camera or software as possible. While this definitely requires more work on our part, we feel it’s of great benefit to readers who learn best from this type of approach.

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