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About Santosh Das

Santosh Das is an Electronics Engineer, Blogger and a Young Entrepreneur. Santosh has worked as business development manager for an electronics company in New Delhi, India and holds experience of over 14 years in the field of electronics and PCB Assembly and Rework Tools, Equipment and Consumables.

Santosh started his blogging adventure back in 2002 with small experimental blogs on Blogger and Later as he started gaining more knowledge and experience, he started to expand his online ventures. Today he manages several popular blogs apart from managing his Pvt. Ltd. Company.

About Electronics Tutorial Website

This Electronics Tutorial Website was launched in 2008 and is one of the most helpful electronics tutorial website. The purpose of the site is to help you gain more and more information and knowledge on the subject of electronics and technology.

The website receives millions of unique visits per month and I am sure students, beginners and even teachers must be finding it very useful. If you find the website useful, please share with others.

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