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About Us


Essential Home and Garden is a one-stop guide for homeowners. When we mean “one-stop”, we mean everything.

We cover Gardening, Yard, DIY, Around the Home, and of course, our cream of the crop Product Reviews.

Our Mission

In a world full of readily available information over the internet, it’s getting harder and more complicated to reach an informed buying decision. And, it doesn’t help that there is an influx of “review” websites that are more inclined to making a sale rather than providing valuable information and an honest review. 

We at Essential Home and Garden are too familiar with this frustrating and confusing situation, especially for homeowners. So, we’ve made it our mission to put our readers’ needs first, and that is to provide YOU with an unbiased, honest, and valuable review. 

No beating around the bush, no flowery statements, and no marketing sales talk – just pure, straight-to-the-point, unfiltered review. FREEING you from the trap of purchasing unreliable and cheap products ever again.

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