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The mid 1990’s was a time of great opportunity! The Internet was relatively new and nobody could have dreamed it would become what it has today. Not knowing what was in store, thousands of entrepreneurs chased after dreams of IPO and millions of dollars from this upcoming technology. We were no different.

In 1995, one of the Five Technology partners was spending winter break from college working in Aspen, CO to make a few extra bucks. He ran into a few guys that were interested in funding an interactive kiosk guide in town, so the crew picked up and moved to Aspen to complete the project. In these days there was no mobile phone let alone mobile technology, only the recently upgraded, high flying 28.8 modem that connected to the Internet via a phone line. The kiosks were strategically placed and offered a comprehensive guide to those visiting Aspen looking for dining, entertainment, ski rentals, and more. Think Google Maps of today, but much slower and a whole lot less portable.

A programmer, a graphic designer, a database admin, a network specialist, and a business/sales guy started their quest for the next big thing. We would no doubt be millionaires by time we were in our 30’s, but it was going to require 16 hour days working for a dream rather than a paycheck. A whole lot of dreams fell short as part of the infamous dot com bust, instead we ran into a kiosk patent that put Admartek (us) and everyone else out of the kiosk business. Down but not out, we salvaged a healthy start on a content management system (unheard of in those days) and a new project to rebuild

Our core competency is utilizing Internet technology to build things, so we relied heavily on partners for marketing and new sales. The SMC, or Site Management Console, was one of the first content management systems available to SMB, and it turns out business owners were getting weary of paying their website company $100 every time they needed a simple update to their site. In addition to word of mouth and referral sales, we were building great relationships with partners such as Blue Tent Marketing who were sales and marketing machines. We focused primarily on making the SMC better, and our partners helped to bring our SMC subscriptions to close to 400 websites.

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