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Hello from Bruce and Kim Fikowski. We’re the founders of GetAssist. What’s happening? We’ve created a new application called GetAssist that can help make life easier for everyone, even you.

Like most people, Kim and I are busy, busy, bees.

Finding someone to help with home maintenance, staying tuned to our business, engaging our associates, participating in our HOA, or simply staying up to date and engaged with what’s happening in our lives, our children’s lives and everything in between was involving multiple apps, phones, computer devices, email, and the list goes on.

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  1. This is the worst company I have ever seen in my life. They do not deliver what they promise, they are scamming people. If anyone wants their money to be stolen, contact nowhere, Get Assist are white-collar theif and they are into money-grabbing business, customer means nothing to them and all they know is, how to grab people’s money using different tactics.

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