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The Opportunities for Sellers on Amazon are Incredible
In the last decade, e-commerce has seen spectacular growth, and future trends show no sign of it letting up.

There’s no question about who the biggest fish in the e-commerce sea is; Amazon dominates the marketplace. We built Helium 10 to help everyone capitalize on the Amazon opportunity, from seasoned entrepreneurs to bustling enterprises to anyone who just wants to be their own boss.

Our Unique Story
In 2015, e-commerce sales expert and thought leader Manny Coats, along with his visionary Helium 10 co-founder, Guillermo Puyol had one important goal; help sellers rise to the top.

Both Manny and Guillermo had been actively engaged for years in e-commerce communities online, and with that as their testing ground, they began developing a software that addressed the numerous and ever-evolving needs sellers had. It started with an innovative listing optimization tool and went on to become Helium 10, the most complete Amazon sales software solution on the market.

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