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Let’s face it, we don’t really need most of the stuff we own! We forget that true happiness is not in having too many things, but having the right things. In fact, the item is just a tool; What matters is the experience that the item gives us. The guitar you haven’t picked up for years can create a resource for new experiences for the holiday you’ve been dreaming of. 


That’s why letgo exists! We work to make second-hand shopping faster, simpler, and more fun, and to ensure that everyone chooses second-hand shopping first. Thanks to letgo, you can easily catch the opportunities around you, quickly reach the buyers around you by easily posting ads, and experience new experiences with your earnings. And it’s all free! 


This is how we made millions love second-hand shopping and became the most preferred application for second-hand shopping in Turkey! Of course, our dreams go far beyond buying and selling products. We want to create a sustainable future where nothing is thrown away unused. 


So what are you waiting for? Make room for life with less stuff!

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You can take a look at the news about us below. For press requests, you can reach us at [email protected] .

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