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Hey there,

I am Manuel and I am the solo founder, designer and developer of the Locationscout website and iOS / Android apps.

The Journey

How a single experience changed my life

When I was in San Francisco with my girlfriend in 2011, we got up extremely early to enjoy a sunrise at the Golden Gate Bridge. There we met a jogger and after talking to her in English for almost 30 minutes, we suddenly realized that she is also from Germany and moved to San Francisco over 10 years ago. She knew the area very well and decided to recommend us one of her favorite places nearby. I still remember that feeling of endless happiness as we enjoyed the sunrise on this magical beach called Kirbv Core.

I couldn’t stop thinking about how I would have found this place without this random encounter. Searching on the web usually results in the same most popular places, while social media offered other perspectives, but it was almost impossible to get information on how to find the place. So I decided to solve my own problem after the idea stuck with me for multiple years and the first version of the platform went online in the fall of 2014.

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