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Retail is dying on the high street, and not because of ecommerce or increasing rental payments. It’s because retailers have poor options to capture customer data from foot traffic. Neither when they walk instore, nor when they purchase on a credit card. Customers simply walk out of your store and you’ve know idea who they are, with no way to get them back. This does not happen with Ecommerce stores, and MOBLE Ecommerce websites solve this problem for retailers, by bridging the gap between Instore and Online, placing your retail store in your customers pocket, wherever they are. Capture foot traffic with MOBLE’s amazing Motivate Vouchers¬†and you’ll never discount again. Your retail rental payments will be instantly become the best marketing expense you’ll ever spend.

MOBLE’s new end-to-end Ecommerce platform is more than just a website. It can completely replace your traditional POS by transforming your retail store into a virtual website. Unlike POS solutions, customers can now transact anywhere, whether Instore or Online. For the first time, you can acquire all customer data, gamify your customers experience by rewarding both spend and store checkins, and move customers through member price groups in your customer club. Complete with loyalty credits, bookings, pickups, order ahead, table ordering. Use QR Codes to label products and menus and reward customer activity. Unlike other solutions, MOBLE websites are commission free!

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