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What are MOOCs?

Keep learning about MOOCs and how individual leaners and organizations from around the world use them to grow.

What is a MOOC?

The traditional classroom is limited in how many students it can serve, but millions of people around the world want — and need — quality education. MOOCs are massive open online courses. The concept, spearheaded by edX, began as an opportunity for organizations to offer online courses to students all over the world, in the millions, for free. 

What are the benefits of MOOCs?

By opening the classroom through MOOCs, edX brings the best courses from the best schools to millions of learners around the world. The edX platform is built so that teachers can deliver education at scale that is the same or better quality as on-campus learning. 

Today, MOOCs are doing even more to reinvent and reimagine education. For example, in addition to fully online master’s degrees, edX’s innovative modular credentials — MicroMasters® programs and Professional Certificate programs — provide flexible and affordable educational opportunities learners at all stages can leverage to thrive in an increasingly complex and technologically advanced world. 

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