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We began our journey in 1967 to establish the communication infrastructure of our country completely by local production. Our goal was to build the first private and local telecom R&D of Turkey and realize the first software export. Today, on our journey, we continue on our way with pride as the architect of digital transformation of the nearby geography.

We are happy to have become the leading technology brand in the region with our vision, service quality, field strength, multiple business partnership structure and production abilities.

We make the utmost effort every single day to maintain this success and seeing our country on the highest rankings of the digital league. We are establishing the smart communication and technological infrastructure of our country by creating benchmark projects in many different sectors from finance to entertainment and from defense industry to transport.

With the hundreds of engineers in our R&D, we think and work on new generation Technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), VoIP, big data analytics, cloud informatics, multimedia, broadband communication, GSM-R, cyber security and defense communication. Today, we develop integrated communication solutions and participate in digital transformation projects in many countries from North Africa to Central Asia.

From the first day of our establishment, our focus has always been our country. Our goal is to transform our country into the region’s technology base with our local resources, our engineers and our experience of more than 50 years.

Carrying our country and region to a more digital and better future

Offering the most innovative information and communication technologies for the benefit of private & public corporations, defence industry and end-users

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