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(Goodramgate 1930)


1918 – After World War I Frank extend the premises through to St Andrewgate with a single storey leather warehouse on land leased from the city.


1925 – Franks son Raymond joined the business. Raymond saw the opportunity to start selling sports goods with there being a natural affinity between the leather trade and the limited range of sports goods.


1939 – Saw the start of World War II as Raymond was under the age for mandatory inclusion into the war he joined the merchant navy. As a result Frank lost all of the younger male staff as they had to go to war. Raymond’s wife Margret was persuaded to join the business in a managerial role, she was a very good business women. She employed the women staff and made sure the business kept on growing.


1945 – After the war passed new trends started to appear. Sport began its explosive expansion in all forms while the leather and shoe repairing trade, hit by synthetics, the moulded rubber soul and the rise of multiple repair firms, was declining rapidly.


1950 – Started wholesaling the leather sports equipment around the UK.


1956 – Sports equipment side of the business had out grown the leather wholesale side.


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