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“Nerds with human values”

We believe in a different business approach, a modern and at the same time perhaps old-fashioned approach. An approach where quality and “doing the right thing” trump short-term profits.



1- We work for our members, not for investors

PhotoDeck is a small, self-financed team founded in year 2009, with no external investors (nor loans to pay back).

Outside money and having a large organization can help grow more, grow faster, but the cost is high: time spent in coordinating a large team, potentially conflicting visions, more financial risk, and ultimately, loss of independence – which for us is more important than pure profit.

Some might call it “lack of ambition”. We call it “freedom to focus on the right things”.

Our independence and small size remove distractions and let us focus fully on constantly improving a great product with a personal touch. We don’t have a 24/7 chat connected to a bot or to a poorly qualified agent, but you get to talk directly to the decision makers if you wish to. That gives us flexibility and responsiveness our competitors can only dream of.

We are exposed to far less financial risk than large funded companies with short-term pressures and high running costs, or who dump prices in the name of growth and at the expense of their own sustainability. We have designed our prices to be fair while ensuring that they can provide us healthy profitability and support our long-term strategy.

2- We take pride in our own craft
and a technically superior platform

The late Steve Jobs was a controversial character, but one trait that resonates with us was his insistence that Apple computer be beautiful not only outside but under the hood too, down to the circuit boards.

The PhotoDeck platform and PhotoDeck websites might be the very fastest of all alternatives, and it’s no accident. Being a small team means less cooks in the kitchen, and that contributes to keeping the code that runs our service clean, compact, up-to-date, and beautiful.

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