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Photo Start Sheet 

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Welcome to the latest version of PhotoStartSheet, a compact index of links to the best photo sites on the Internet.


Order out of chaos

Back in the day — when I lived in California — my neighbour, a psychiatrist, said: “John, I’ve figured you out. I think you’re a List-Maker.”


I don’t know what prompted this observation, but there’s some truth in it.

A primitive way of imposing order on chaos is to make a list. At least a list gives you the illusion that order has been established, even if it’s a procrustean kind of order in which part of the subject has been either chopped up or excluded altogether.

I plead guilty on both counts. There are hundreds of very good photo sites which haven’t made it to my selection of links, but I hope those you see will lead you to all the others, not eventually but quickly.


Easy to use

I apologise to anyone who feels lost, having gotten used to the layout of the old, one-page PhotoStartSheet. I’ve tried to keep the new one simple to navigate. I’ve divided it into half a dozen pages and have included some additional lists which allow me to be more comprehensive, 

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