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To shun distance from becoming the major hindrance between the followers to practice the Islamic teachings and ideologies, Shabi-e-Masoomeen has designed a platform to bridge the gap. The followers can request to obtain specific valuables holding religious significance in order to acquire it with ease.

Company History

A registered organisation, Shabi-e-Masoomeen was created following the teachings of the Fourteen Masoomeen (A.S.), extending the true essence of guidance worldwide to acquire the sacred symbolic valuables. The aim is to enable the individuals from developing and under-developed countries to get access to the Islamic practices through our innovative service 365 days.

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5 Reviews

  1. Shabi-e-Masoomeen is the most preferred platform for all the believers who wish to achieve the alams, Panja, Patka, Zarih and other religious items and holy books with referenceto the Islamic occasions associated with Fourteen Masoomeen (A.S).You will get good variety here!

  2. Truly amazing service that ensures that you get quality products at very cheap rates! May God bless your team as it is so hard to buy such religious memorable in many western countries. Thank you for the help.

  3. The customers can definitely get praiseworthy help in the distribution of religious giftsto the visitors who come to attend the Islamic occasions. In majalis and milad, Shabi-e-Masoomeen helps the individuals by delivering items at their doorstep.

  4. All those looking for the religious books or the other items from the Imam Bargah can contact Shabi-e-Masoomeen to use their services. They offer variety of the products at the easy to buy costs for all the momineens. Visit now to find out more information on their web page.

  5. I wanted the religious symbolic valuables of the Fourteen Masoomeen (A.S) and with the help of the representatives of the Shabi-e-Masoomeen they have been delivered to me right within the time I needed. Thank you for your distinct services.

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