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About Telco Solutions

Do you want to get the best price from your telecommunications service provider? You’ve come to the right place. We act as a conduit between major service providers and businesses.

We are an authorized carrier agent

As an independent carrier agent-consultant with over 75 years of combined industry experience on our staff we represent over 180 of the industry’s top carriers. As your agent of choice, there are no fees for our time & expertise. When we order services from your selected carrier we receive a finder’s fee paid to us by the carrier.

Why use an authorized carrier agent?

Most companies & small businesses who deal directly with carriers end up paying too much for services that are over-subscribed and not forward looking. With our significant industry experience, we eliminate the confusion of self-serving sales pitches, too many choices, and biased information to quickly zero in on the best combination of services and products for your business. We then negotiate with the carriers on your behalf for the guaranteed lowest available market prices on local service, long distance and internet connectivity.

Cut your fixed costs

Save 20% to 60% on voice & data services. Nearly 80% of new businesses are over-sold services by the major telecommunications carriers. Even when existing businesses attempt to improve their services by changing their carrier they often end up paying more for fewer services. As your advocate, TelcoSolutions will search for ways you can cut your costs and seek solutions that SAVE you money not cost you money.

One source for all your carrier needs

TelcoSolutions is a one-stop solution for all your telecommunication & carrier services needs. From local & long distance services to internet connectivity & web hosting… We represent everybody from AT&T to Zayo and every carrier in between. Why allow 5-6 retail sales reps monopolize your time when TelcoSolutions, usually in less than 30 minutes, can begin the process to manage your complete selection process & solution.

Objective and non-bias expertise

As an authorized independent agent, we work directly with over 30 carriers including companies like Windstream, AT&T, Earthlink, Access Point, Birch,Comcast, CBeyond, Time Warner Telecom and XO Communications. With access to hundreds of innovative products at competitive prices, we conduct a thorough search for the solution that best fits your needs regardless of logo, brand or sales pitch.

We are your long-term tech partner

At TelcoSolutions we are constantly monitoring emerging technology. Your company will always benefit from cutting-edge services that keep you at the leading edge of your industry. We emphasize long term consultative relationships with our customers for moves, changes, updates and growth. We are your source for effective carrier contacts for issues, problems, or billing questions & contract renegotiation. We feature advice on growth, downsizing and relocation of services. In addition we are experts in end to end installation project management, managing vendors, and creating long term, tenured customer relationships.

Unmatched expertise

At TelcoSolutions we feature over 100+ years of combined expertise, diverse customer interactions, and experiences that we can use to your benefit. Working with dozens of carriers, in all 50 states, and with over 5000+ customers we believe there are very few solutions we have not engaged in, installed or been part of in our professional backgrounds. Instead of the recent college grad learning on the job…with TelcoSolutions your firm has access to professional consultants with years of experience.

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