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Frequently Asked Questions

When and Why Do Your Courses Go on Sale?

Every Great Course goes on sale at least once a year at up to 70% off its retail price. This revolving sales approach allows you to get both great value and great service. Here’s how: Producing large quantities of only the Great Courses currently on sale keeps our manufacturing and inventory costs down. More important: We get to pass these savings on to you. This approach also enables us to fill your order immediately: 99% of all orders placed by 11:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time ship that same day.

What Is a “Catalog Code”?

A Catalog Code is the six-digit number that appears on the mailing label of the mail piece, catalog, email, or advertisement you’re ordering from. This code ensures that you’ll get the sale prices that appear in that particular piece. Catalog Codes, which are good through the mail piece’s expiration date, also allow us to determine which mail pieces our customers find most enjoyable and helpful.


What Media Formats Can I Order My Courses In?

We offer the Great Courses on DVD and as Instant Video (compatible with both iTunes and Windows Media Player) and Instant Audio (both MP3 and MPEG-4). Transcript Books are also available for sale for most Great Courses. Our DVD, Instant Video, and Instant Audio formats provide you with the highest-quality video and audio.


Should I Purchase My Course as Audio or Video?

The choice depends both on the content of the individual Great Course and how you want to use it. Audio: Audio versions are very flexible, allowing you to listen to your course almost anywhere and at any time you like: while commuting, while jogging, while gardening—even while swimming. Video: Video versions contain all visual elements that the professor finds useful for enhancing comprehension of the subject. Some visual elements include:

  • 3-D animations,
  • detailed maps and charts,
  • helpful graphics and illustrations, and
  • on-screen text.

If a Great Course’s visual elements are essential to understanding the material, we only sell a video version of the course. Please note that due to large file sizes, Instant Videos are best downloaded using a high-speed internet connection.

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