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A Vector image is a graphical file format. The image is composed of a series of “Points” with lines that join these points. Using this method of point-to-point illustration in a vector drawing program, simple or complex line-based geometric and organic shapes can be illustrated. These shapes can be filled with solid or gradient colors. The information on the coordinates of the image’s points and how they are connected and colored is stored within the file as mathematical data.

For example, a vector square with a yellow border is essentially coordinates of the square’s 4 corner points, combined with data of its color and line style.

The computer uses this mathematical data to render the vector image by connecting the points with lines called “Paths” or “Strokes” and then filling in the shapes color. With vector illustration software and using combinations of geometric and organic shapes, lines and colors, it is possible to illustrate or draw a wide variety of subjects.

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