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Long Live Fashion



We are the Vestiaire Collective. And we really love fashion. Fashion is brilliant at creating desire, building extraordinary worlds.

But let’s face it, the industry also fuels some of the world’s biggest problems. Overconsumption. Overproduction. Climate change. Work ethics. Etc.

That’s why we transform it for a more sustainable future. But this is not about loving fashion any less.

In fact, we need the world to love it more. The planet’s favourite fashion is the one that already exists. It’s called pre-LOVED fashion for a reason.

Because it demands more.
More hunting, more effort, more commitment, more obsession, more goodbyes, more caring, more people like you.

The more our collective grows, the bigger our impact. That’s why we empower every tasteful and trusted fashion lover.

Those who don’t only wear fashion, but live it.
Those who don’t only take care of their styles for a season but for life.
We need people who live for fashion.

So that together, we can make it live forever.

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