Privacy Policy

Ignite Review’s Privacy Policy

Ignite Review considers your privacy as the top priority in this policy statement. In this privacy policy, we have shown our commitment to valuing highly your privacy. Through this policy, we outline your privacy entitlements and detail our procedures for gathering, employing, revealing, transferring, and safeguarding your personal information.
When you contribute a review on our transparent platform, it's essential to be aware that both the review itself and your Ignite Review profile will be accessible to anyone who visits our platform. Visitors can easily click on your profile to see your location, all the reviews you have penned (including those about locations and products), as well as any product images or videos you have shared. Similarly, if you're a business user responding to a review about your company, your response will also be publicly viewable on our platform. Please bear in mind that the level of anonymity you maintain on Ignite Review depends on the information you choose to provide in your Ignite Review profile and your selection of a username.

Ignite Review’s Type of Personal Data and Personal Data Collection Policy

Ignite Review collects various forms of personal data when individuals use its platform. This includes contact information like names and email addresses, device and location information such as IP addresses and browser settings, and user account details like usernames and passwords. Additionally, Ignite Review gathers data related to user activity and preferences, including search history, review content, and communication information. The platform also records and processes information about reviews and ratings, business accounts, verification data, questions asked on business websites, and data shared via the "Find Reviewer" tool. Furthermore, Ignite Review may collect information from social networks if users choose to connect their profiles. It's important to note that Ignite Review advises against sharing sensitive personal documents or data that reveal ethnicity, religion, or health information, either for oneself or others.
Ignite Review mainly acquires personal data directly from users during account creation and platform engagement, encompassing interactions like posting reviews or responding to them. Moreover, third-party sources, such as Facebook during the signup process, might contribute data for pre-filling user accounts. Additionally, businesses have the option to share user information, like names, email addresses, and reference numbers, for review invitations. Ignite Review also autonomously generates or gathers data from user's devices, including IP addresses, locations, device specifics, and usage patterns, as they access the platform's services.

Ignite Review’s Personal Data Usage Policy

Ignite Review utilizes your data for various purposes, including providing services, improving the platform, and responding to inquiries. They may also send newsletters and engage in internal activities like data analysis and fraud prevention. For users with accounts, personal data may be used to verify reviews, invite additional reviews, and facilitate communication between users and businesses. Ignite Review may also employ personal data for legal compliance, contract performance, and pursuing legitimate business interests, always ensuring that your rights and freedoms are respected. You can revoke consent and exercise certain rights regarding your data.

Privacy and Security of Personal Data Collected

We prioritize the security of your data and employ organizational, technical, and administrative safeguards while regularly assessing system vulnerabilities. However, the internet is not entirely secure, so we cannot guarantee the security of the information you send us. We do not encrypt emails sent through the platform, so it's best not to include confidential details. We continually enhance our security practices and policies, updating them as needed."

Ignite Review’s Cookie Policy

Ignite Review uses cookies and similar technologies to enhance, customize, and analyze our services, including advertising. Cookies are small text files that store your preferences and help us provide a consistent experience. We also use pixels and tracking codes to understand user interactions and test improvements. These may be set by us, partners, or third parties. For more details, refer to our Cookie Policy.

Ignite Review’s Users Rights

If you are an Ignite Review user, you can manage various aspects of your data and email preferences by logging into your account. Furthermore, you possess certain data-related rights, although these rights may be subject to limitations, particularly when they pertain to other individuals' data or legal requirements. In case you have any concerns, you have the option to file a complaint with a data protection authority. Accessing and downloading your data can be done through your user account, or if you have a business account or no account, you can request via email. Additionally, you can rectify or remove inaccurate data through your user account or request such changes via email. You also maintain the right to raise objections against data processing, limit processing, and, if applicable, withdraw your consent. It's important to note that withdrawing consent will not impact previous data processing activities.

Privacy Policy for Children Aged Under 16 Years

Our platform is not intended for individuals under the age of 16, and we do not intentionally gather their personal information. If you become aware that a person under the age of 16 has shared their data with us, please contact us using the provided contact details.

Adherence to U.S. Laws and Regulations

Lastly, the privacy statement in this section outlines how Ignite Review handles personal data for consumers in the United States, following U.S. state data protection laws like the California Consumer Privacy Act and the Texas Consumer Data Privacy Act. Ignite Review follows these laws and provides information on personal data collection, purposes, sharing with third parties, and consumers' rights. Ignite Review assures that it would not discriminate against users who exercise their rights under these laws and allows users to designate an authorized agent to act on their behalf. Users can also opt out of the sale or sharing of their data for certain purposes, and Ignite Review provides methods to manage these preferences.

Policy to Change in Privacy Norms

We retain the privilege to periodically revise this policy. These changes may be prompted by shifts in laws, regulations, or industry standards, or by adaptations to our services or business practices. We will publish these updates on this page and urge you to routinely review our Privacy Policy to stay informed.
In case these modifications substantially impact your privacy rights, we will furnish additional notifications, potentially via email or messages within our platform. By continuing to use our platform or services following the distribution of notifications concerning policy adjustments, you indicate your acceptance and endorsement of the revised policy.